Future of Small Business Advertising has Arrived

Network Indiana

NetworkIndiana.net has emerged as a company to bring small business advertising to the cities throughout the state. Our first city is Marion, IN.

Our aim is to give each business a full page advertisement on our site, with a link to their website, a platform for the business to explain what they do differently, post pictures of their products and facilities and have a form to be contacted by consumers - for only $99 a year.

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Network Indiana offers the page on the site for only $99/year. As of now there are no special additions available for any extra fees.

What You Get
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Businesses signing up receive a full page on our site with pictures of their choice, a full-description of what they do, a contact form & more.

Helping Businesses
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At Network Indiana, we are helping small businesses to make a much-needed name for themselves with the people in their community.

PostHeaderIcon Who uses Network Indiana?

Our target group consists of small businesses that get business from the city that they join. However, Network Indiana is not a forum for businesses that promote any political, religious, controversial or holiday-oriented themes.

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Dec. 20, 2009
Network Indiana begins re-construction of main site. Instead of having one site for the entire state, Network Indiana will focus on select cities within the state, giving them their own domain name. The first city has yet to be selected.

Contact Info
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Network Indiana
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Email: info@networkindiana.net

Phone: 317.695.4968